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Moon Altar Bowl©

The Moon Altar Bowl is a one-of-a kind tool that will make your moon rituals more powerful and purposeful. It is used to contain your Seven Chakra DTs and Pendulums. This beautifully crafted bowl features an intricate design made from the shape of our Moon Crystal Tarot logo, which was hand carved out by the artists of Indonesia using white cedar wood for the purpose of retaining your crystals charged energies.

Seven Chakra DTs
DTs (Double Terminated points) are key tools in harnessing the energies for your healing. They allow you to circulate energies through the entry and exit pointed ends of the crystal, making it easier for you to adsorb them! These six sided faceted crystals sold at Reiann Riviera have been made smaller so they fit into tighter spaces within smaller crystal grids; the equal sides also increases their accuracy when transferring energy too - which means better healing results overall for your meditation!

The faceted ends of the DTs are also inspired by the wisdom of Dr. Marcel Vogel's (creator of Vogels) calculation, with an internal angle of 51 degrees, 51 minutes, and 51 seconds. The same angle as the sides of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

A Consultation with Reiann will help you to create a custom set of Seven Chakra DTs that are specifically tailored for your healing journey. These seven crystals should be rotated alongside other crystal DTs on every monthly New Moon and Full Moon ritual, in order to optimize the influences on your healing as it plays its part throughout this process.

You may find it helpful to use the Seven Chakra DTs during your meditation (and we recommend you do so) in order to balance out the chakras and build up positive transformation. Each crystal and stone brings its own unique energy while working through these different points--so make sure to read up Crystals Sanctum before starting any spiritual practice today!

Faceted & Spherical Crystals Pendulum
Have you ever felt a connection with your spiritual side but couldn't quite put into words what it was? Well, as soon as I learned about chakras and how they affect us physically, emotionally and mentally, everything made sense. It's time for everyone to learn this! The way we can identify if there might be imbalances amongst our seven chakras is through Pendulum Dowsing.

It requires using faceted crystal pendulums, which are energetically connected with the user in order for it perform accurate dowsing. The best thing about this technique is that it doesn't require any special skills or expertise. You just need a crystal and a pendulum, which has been energetically connected to you in order for its energy patterns and dimensions of your chakras (or other areas) be read by interpreting what's shown on the pendulum during dowsing sessions!

Classes on Moon Altar Bowl
I'm in the middle of crafting up lesson plans for Moon Altar Bowl. The updates will be announced on my Instagram with new information! Make sure you turn on the notification bell so that I can give it straight to your feed.