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*ADVISED* WhatsApp 88920411 To Book Your Shop Visit ( Please text do not call )

Spiritual Consultation

To book a Spiritual Consultation session, you can WhatsApp message Reiann at +65 8892 0411. The Spiritual Consultation is done face to face at our shop only.

1) Payment must be made to confirm your private appointment. The session is minimally 10mins. Every session is limited to 2hrs MAX. Please pace yourself on your timing.
2) Do understand that consultation is for 1 person only, it cannot be shared. For the benefit of your healing and questions asked, we do not allow others to sit in.

Are you stuck in a rut and feel like your life/ situation is going nowhere? Turning to Spirituality for guidance can be an enlightening experience. But, if the world of Witchcraft seems overwhelming or intimidating - don't worry! I am here to guide you, I understand how hard it is to take the first step towards Awareness and will provide all the help that you need along the way. Feeling lost and overwhelmed by life's challenges is common! Seeking spiritual guidance can help you regain control over your own destiny. To find clarity, many people turn to Spirituality for answers - but those paths aren't always easy to navigate without assistance from someone with the knowledge and experience needed to guide your way forward. It doesn't have to feel like an impossible goal. Finding inner peace through Spirituality or beginning a journey into Witchcraft could open up new pathways for you to explore - allowing yourself some room for growth and reconnecting with what really matters most: You!

There are no limitations to the type or number of questions asked. Reiann can help you understand your Chakras energy, and guide you through healing processes to restore balance. Let her recommend crystals for aiding the journey, plus explore Witchcraft practices as a means for furthering positive healing and manifestations. It's all possible -- take advantage of these powerful tools! Dive into your spiritual journey with Reiann to discover the healing powers of nature and crystals, while receiving practical advice on how to use Witchcraft, meditation and manifestation techniques for greater peace in life. Let us help you tap into a deeper understanding of yourself!

 10mins: $20, 20mins: $35, 2hrs: $200
( Price is intentionally kept low to benefit anyone who needs spiritual assistance. )

Gain holistic understanding about your struggles with my customizable 7 Chakra Crystals, Angels & Spirit Guide Digital Report and Witchcraft Tools. By combining the energies of each tool together, you can uncover a powerful knowledge to manifest goals and realize potential! I take an encompassing approach to understand your strengths, weaknesses, goals and desires utilizing the healing powers of 7 Chakra Crystals, Spirit Guidance from your Angels & Spirit Guide Digital Report, and Witchcraft tools. Let me help you explore new horizons!