[Beginner] Complete Introduction, History & Origin on the World Chakra - Wiccan Witchcraft Singapore

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[Beginner] Complete Introduction, History & Origin on the World Chakras

MAX 4 Pax Group Class | Take part in our 2 Days, 270mins Class to learn all about Chakras.

Our 'Complete Introduction, History & Origin on the World Chakras' class launched on April 2023!We hold the classes on 2 weekends every month; Friday + Saturday or Saturday + Sunday.

witchcraft moon phases

Let the moon energies guide you on a new path of knowledge this month.
On the day we choose to learn, we make good use of our new found realization
to better prepare ourselves for the upcoming challenges.


Class A 📚 8 Sep + 9 Sep ( Friday + Saturday ) 7PM | Slowing Down on Waning Moon
Class B 📚 9 Sep + 10 Sep ( Saturday + Sunday ) 10AM | Slowing Down on Waning Moom
Class C 📚 15 Sep + 16 Sep ( Friday + Saturday ) 7PM | Reset and New Beginnings on Dark Moon + New Moon
Class D 📚 16 Sep + 17 Sep ( Saturday + Sunday ) 10AM | New Beginnings on New Moon

From this Class, you will get to learn...

  • The History and Origin of Chakras - Discover where and when Chakras started and how it has expanded to other countries and religions.
  • Foundation of Chakra energies - What are Chakras and how do they function or influence us.
  • Concept of Imbalanced Chakras - Grasp the analogy behind unhealthy Chakras and why we should be concerned about them.
  • Healing our Chakras - Explore different modalities on overcoming Chakra imbalances.
  • Learn about Grounding - Purpose of Grounding and use of Affirmations.
  • Complete Guide of the 7 Chakras - Key information about each Chakra's illnesses, Underactive + Overactive patterns, and many more...
  • Complete Guide of Affirmations for your 7 Chakras
  • *Activity Worksheet* Your Chakra Health Analysis without using any modality.
  • *Activity Worksheet* The different understanding of Chakras in other Religions
  • *Activity Worksheet* Discover what does your Chakras energy flow look like
  • *Fun* Find out your Sanskrit name!


We will separate the class into 2 Days, a total of 270mins. This also comes with a Warm Up, Spiritual Consultation, 7 Chakras Crystal DTs and 1 bottle of Positivity Spray.

Warm Up Session (Before the 2 Days Class)
30mins 1:1 Tarot & Chakras Reading (worth SGD77)

What do you get from the session?
Receive practical Tarot Guidance from your Spirit Guides on your current struggles. We will do a Chakras Check to see how it correspond to the challenges you are facing and how you can better overcome them. 

2 Days Class
270mins Class on Complete Introduction, History & Origin on the World Chakras at the Shop

What do you get from the class?
This class is great for Beginners who are new to Spirituality, and would want to venture with a basic understanding before they commit on a modality or healing method. It will be held personally by Reiann with a 34-page Notes and Activity. The Q&A session will be held after the class too, to manage your queries if any.

Day 1 - 120mins (10mins Break), Day 2 - 150mins

Spiritual Consultation (After the 2 Days Class)
30mins 1:1 Spiritual Consultation (worth SGD55)

What do you get from this consultation?
Reiann will carefully recommend you 7 Chakras Crystal DTs and bottle of Positivity Spray. She will give you a Summary of the Chakras Check done in your Warm Up and Chakra Health Analysis done in your 2 Days Online Class.


7 Chakras Crystal DTs & bottle of Positivity Spray

Recommended 7 Chakras Crystal DTs and 1 bottle of Positivity Spray (worth SGD225)

What do you get from these tools?
Collect on the day of your Spiritual Consultation. Reiann will spend 30mins with you in your Spiritual Consultation to explain why using these 7 Chakras crystals is beneficial for your current healing. To maintain your first set of crystals and properly assist you in your brand new journey of healing, Reiann will also include a bottle of Positivity Spray! They will come with Care Guides on How to use your 7 Chakras Crystal DTs and bottle of Positivity Spray.

How this Class can benefit you spiritually?

🤍 Exploring your spiritual body and understanding it
💜 Becoming self aware of your tendencies
 💙 Learning about alternative healing methods before committing
💚 Discovering your past and current well being
💛 Diving into future spiritual healing sessions with more awareness
🧡 Venture into alternative healing with confidence
❤️ Make independent healing decisions without being labeled

    🧘🏻 Wise advice from our Founding Father of Singapore...

    “Well, my own experience is, when I'm stressed to make a decision, I stop and meditate. And at the end of the meditation, if I'm still of the view that I should proceed, then I proceed. In other words, I still the mind for 20 minutes, in so far as I can still the mind, but the question is still going around in my own mind.” - Lee Kuan Yew

    👩🏻‍🏫 Message from your Class Teacher...

    "I received my calling in my 30s to share my spiritual gifts and knowledge with others professionally. Being raised as a Buddhist and having studied in Catholic and Presbyterian schools have opened up my perception on Spirituality and Religion. Today, I am a Wiccan offering you a different route in seeking help for your well being. Being a Wiccan has allowed me to manage my stresses and tendencies. I no longer give others the power to decide who or what I am, and I am not ashamed about myself. With my spiritual path in Wicca, I am revitalized and empowered to be in my body. As your spiritual teacher, I offer you my services to help you realize yours." - Reiann Riviera

    The Class is $688 for single payment.
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    Reviews by our Students...
    "The class was paced nicely and concepts were explained in a manner that is easy to understand. Reiann is patient and engaging, which makes learning interactive and rewarding. The environment was also conducive for learning. I have a better understanding of foundation chakras towards the end. It motivates me to take care of my well being and my favourite takeaway is in working with crystals for different chakras and that healing takes time. What I enjoyed about the class was that there is a touch of personalization for the students. I definitely recommend this class to others!" - Emilyn

    Explore payment instalments...

    • Atome is $229/ month - They will break the payment into 3 months.
    • Credit Cards with Interest free Instalments, will charge you for a low One-time Service fee and break the payment into 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.
    It is $229/ month for 3 months - not inclusive of service fee
    It is $114/ month for 6 months - not inclusive of service fee
    It is $76/ month for 9 months - not inclusive of service fee
    It is $57/ month for 12 months - not inclusive of service fee

    We accept Credit Card, Mastercard, Paypal, GrabPay, Atome, Shopee Pay and many more...
    Check in with us if you'd like to use a payment method that is not from the above choices.

    1. Are the 2 Days Class dates fixed?
      Yes, they are fixed and not open for change or edit. It is necessary to help me facilitate the classes with ease, and also for you to put your full focus and concentration to complete the course consecutively. Any delay in between can lose your knowledge gained from the class.
    2. What if I can't attend the Warm Up session before the 2 Days Online Class?
      It is highly important for you to attend the Warm Up session before, and not after the 2 Days Class. It gives you a first hand understanding on Chakras and can help you to develop a fuller understanding tied to your personal struggles. If for whatever reason, you can only attend the Warm Up session after the 2 Days Class, we will let you reschedule but it must be done within 30 Days after your 2 Days Class. We will not be responsible if you are unable to attend, it is not refundable either.
    3. Can I combine the Warm Up session and Spiritual Consultation to be on the same day?
      **Read this if you could not attend the Warm Up session before the 2 Days Class.** No, you cannot. Please understand that I will need time to formulate the advice given to you for the Spiritual Consultation. The Warm Up and Spiritual Consultation need to be on 2 separate days. Do plan your time carefully to avoid any mishaps.
    4. How can I better plan my Warm Up + 2 Days Class + Spiritual Consultation?
      I would suggest to attend the 2 Days Class, at least a day to 1 week after your Warm Up to keep your experience fresh and applicable to your learning during the 2 Days Class. The Spiritual Consultation should also be done in a day to 1 week after your 2 Days Online Class to keep your memory fresh from your class. Signing up for this class will be a potential commitment of 4 Days.
    5. What if I am late for the 2 Days Class?
      We will start the class promptly and on time, starting with a 10mins introduction as class begins. Ensure that you can be present for your 2 Days Class. If you cannot turn up for the class on Day 1, we will let you change the dates once; within a period of 60 Days.
    6. Will I get to know my classmates beforehand?
      I will let you know how many people are attending, their age and genders, but it is encouraged that you can come into the class on time to settle down and get to know one another.
    7. Can you offer an option for the Warm Up + Spiritual Consultation to be online?
      I believe it is essential for us to meet in person to build a better connection. You will need to meet me for the Warm Up so I can hand you the 34-page Notes and Activity for our 2 Days Class. You will also need to meet me for the Spiritual Consultation to collect your 7 Chakras Crystal DTs and 1 bottle of Positivity Spray.
    8. Is this class related to Wicca or Witchcraft?
      No, this class is not a lesson on Wicca or Witchcraft. It is the foundation of Spirituality and Chakras. You will learn about the general understanding of Chakras, outside of any religion and explore how they differ across different religions around the world. Therefore, you can come in as an individual to learn unbiasedly.
    9. How can I know if I am ready for this class?
      Do you believe in energies? If so, this class will deepen your perception and have an informed idea of how you can apply it to your spiritual practices with confidence. Maybe you are afraid to seek help, and in learning through this class it can offer you an alternative understanding about yourself to further develop your growth and healing. Either way, it is beneficial for anyone who wants to understand Spirituality and use it to assist them in their well being.
    10. Why learn from Reiann Riviera?
      We are the first class in Singapore to offer theory lessons on understanding World Chakras. Not through a Healing/Therapy session, a Meditation course or workshop. This allows our clients to have an informed and unbiased view on Chakras to decide independently what is best for them in seeking their Spiritual path. We strongly believe Spirituality is an individual and explorative experience, and should not be advised. I implore you to be well equipped with knowledge before fully committing yourself into something you are not familiar with.
    11. I had purchased your Moon Altar Bowl and learnt how to use it, will this be covered in the class?
      It will be mentioned but it will not be taught on how to use it, as this class will be focused on exploring modalities related to Chakras only. Please seek the Spiritual Consultation outside of this class to learn how to use our Moon Altar Bowl.
    12. Will there be a Test or Exam for this class?
      No. This is not a class to measure competence of a person's knowledge. We do not wish to put pressure on your learning. Once you complete the course, you will receive a Certification of Completion.
    13. What is the difference between a Beginner and Intermediate class?
      The Beginner Chakras class is a wide perspective understanding on Chakras and teaches you the foundation in general. An Intermediate class will touch on a specific modality to further understand what it's practices entail.

    If you have more questions, please book a FREE 15 mins Call via WhatsApp messaging 8892 0411 to have your questions answered. You can purchase the Class on our Online Shop, and Reiann will get in touch with you via WhatsApp messaging to make the necessary arrangements for your Warm Up and Spiritual Consultation dates.