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[Beginner] Complete Introduction, History & Origin on the World Chakras Class

Private 1-1 Class | Take part in our 2 Days, 270mins Class to learn all about Chakras.

Our 'Complete Introduction, History & Origin on the World Chakras' class is arranged with Reiann Riviera to your convenient time and date.

Allow the energies of the moon to lead you down a fresh path of knowledge this month. When we dedicate a day to learning, we harness our newfound insights to better equip ourselves for the challenges ahead.

In this Class, you will delve into...

  • The History and Origins of Chakras: Uncover the roots and expansion of Chakras across various countries and religions.
  • Foundation of Chakra Energies: Understand the nature and influence of Chakras in our lives.
  • Concept of Imbalanced Chakras: Grasp the analogy behind unhealthy Chakras and why addressing them is crucial.
  • Healing our Chakras: Explore diverse modalities to overcome Chakra imbalances.
  • Grounding and Affirmations: Learn the purpose of grounding and how affirmations play a role.
  • Comprehensive Guide to the 7 Chakras: Gain key insights into each Chakra, including illnesses, underactive/overactive patterns, and more.
  • Affirmations for Your 7 Chakras: A complete guide to affirmations tailored for each Chakra.
  • Analyze your Chakra health without using any modality, understand Chakras in different religions, and explore your Chakras' energy flow.
  • Fun: Discover your Sanskrit name!

✨ The class will be divided into two days, totaling 270 minutes. This also includes a Warm-Up Session, Spiritual Consultation, 7 Chakras Crystal DTs, and 4 bottles of Positivity Spray. 

Warm Up Session (Before the 2 Days Class)
30mins Tarot & Chakras Reading (worth SGD60)

What do you get from the session?
Receive guidance from your Spirit Guides regarding your present struggles. We'll conduct a Chakras Check to assess its correlation with the challenges you're encountering and explore ways to overcome them more effectively.

2 Days Class
270mins Class on Complete Introduction, History & Origin on the World Chakras at the Shop

What do you get from the class?
Ideal for newcomers to Spirituality, this class provides a foundational understanding before delving into specific modalities or healing methods. Personally led by Reiann, it includes a 34-page Notes. A Q&A session follows the class to address any queries you may have.

Day 1 - 120mins (10mins Break), Day 2 - 150mins

Spiritual Consultation (After the 2 Days Class)
30mins Spiritual Consultation (worth SGD55)

What do you get from this consultation?
Reiann will thoughtfully suggest 7 Chakras Crystal DTs and 4 bottles of Positivity Spray. Additionally, you'll receive a summary of the Chakras Check from your Warm-Up and the Chakra Health Analysis conducted during your 2-Day Online Class.


7 Chakras Crystal DTs & 4 bottles of Positivity Spray

Recommended 7 Chakras Crystal DTs and 4 bottles of Positivity Spray (worth SGD200)

What do you get from these tools?
Retrieve them on the day of your Spiritual Consultation. During the 30-minute session, Reiann will elaborate on the benefits of utilizing the 7 Chakras crystals for your current healing. To support your initial set of crystals and guide you in your new healing journey, Reiann will include 4 bottles of Positivity Spray. These will be accompanied by Care Guides on how to use your 7 Chakras Crystal DTs and Positivity Spray.

Discover the benefits of this class:

🤍 Embark on a journey to explore your spiritual body, becoming self-aware of your tendencies.
💜 Delve into learning Chakra healing methods before commitments, understanding their impact on your past and current well-being.
💙 Be prepared for future spiritual healing sessions with heightened awareness, and venture into alternative healing modalities with confidence.

    🧘🏻 Wise advice from our Founding Father of Singapore...

    “Well, my own experience is, when I'm stressed to make a decision, I stop and meditate. And at the end of the meditation, if I'm still of the view that I should proceed, then I proceed. In other words, I still the mind for 20 minutes, in so far as I can still the mind, but the question is still going around in my own mind.” - Lee Kuan Yew

    👩🏻‍🏫 Message from your Class Teacher...

    "In my 30s, I discovered my calling to professionally share my spiritual gifts and knowledge. Raised as a Buddhist and educated in Catholic and Presbyterian schools, my diverse background broadened my perspective on Spirituality and Religion. Now a Wiccan, I provide an alternative path for your well-being. Wicca has empowered me to manage stress, liberating me from others' judgments. Embracing my spiritual journey, I am revitalized and empowered. As your spiritual teacher, I offer my services to help you discover your own path." - Reiann Riviera


    How much is the Class?
    The Class is $688 for a single payment.

    • Enroll with your friend(s) and enjoy a 5% discount, bringing the total to $653 for both of you.
    • Refer a friend to sign up, and you'll receive a complimentary 10% Discount for your next shopping purchase.


    Reviews by our Students...
    "The class was paced nicely and concepts were explained in a manner that is easy to understand. Reiann is patient and engaging, which makes learning interactive and rewarding. The environment was also conducive for learning. I have a better understanding of foundation chakras towards the end. It motivates me to take care of my well being and my favourite takeaway is in working with crystals for different chakras and that healing takes time. What I enjoyed about the class was that there is a touch of personalization for the students. I definitely recommend this class to others!" - Emilyn

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    1. What if I can't participate in the Warm-Up session before the 2-Day Class? Attending the Warm-Up session beforehand is crucial, offering a firsthand understanding of Chakras and aiding in a comprehensive grasp linked to your personal struggles. If, for any reason, you can only attend the Warm-Up session after the 2-Day Class, rescheduling is allowed within 30 days after your class. Please note that we won't be responsible if you're unable to attend, and it is not refundable.
    2. Is it possible to schedule the Warm-Up session and Spiritual Consultation on the same day? *Read this if you couldn't attend the Warm-Up session before the 2-Day Class.* No, it is not possible. It's important to note that I require time to carefully formulate advice for your Spiritual Consultation. The Warm-Up and Spiritual Consultation must be on two separate days. Please plan your schedule thoughtfully to prevent any inconvenience.
    3. How can I optimize my planning for the Warm-Up, 2-Day Class, and Spiritual Consultation? I recommend attending the 2-Day Class within a day to one week after your Warm-Up to ensure your experience remains fresh and applicable to your learning. Similarly, schedule your Spiritual Consultation within a day to one week after your 2-Day Class to maintain a fresh memory of the material covered. Signing up for this class may require a commitment of potentially 4 days.
    4. What if I arrive late for the 2-Day Class? The class will commence promptly, including a 10-minute introduction at the start. It's essential to be present for both days of your class. If you're unable to attend on Day 1, we allow a one-time date change within a 60-day period.
    5. Can you offer an option for the Warm Up + Spiritual Consultation to be online? While I understand the convenience of having the Warm Up + Spiritual Consultation online, I believe that meeting in person is crucial for establishing a deeper connection and ensuring a more personalized experience. During the Warm Up, I will be providing you with a comprehensive 34-page Notes for our upcoming two-day class. Meeting in person allows me to hand you the guide directly and provide any additional guidance or clarification you may need. Similarly, the Spiritual Consultation is an intimate and personalized experience that benefits greatly from face-to-face interaction. This consultation involves presenting you with your customized 7 Chakras Crystal DTs and 4 bottles of Positivity Spray. Meeting in person allows me to explain the significance of each item and ensure that you receive the personalized guidance and support you deserve.
    6. Is this class related to Wicca or Witchcraft? This class is not specifically about Wicca or Witchcraft. Instead, it delves into the foundational concepts of spirituality and chakras, providing a comprehensive overview of these topics without any religious bias. You will gain a general understanding of the chakra system, exploring its various interpretations across different cultures and religions worldwide. This unbiased approach allows you to approach the material with an open mind and draw your own conclusions. Whether you are seeking spiritual growth, personal development, or simply a broader understanding of chakras, this class is designed to accommodate individuals from all backgrounds and beliefs. Come and embark on a journey of self-discovery and exploration, free from religious constraints.
    7. How can I know if I am ready for this class? Are you curious about spirituality and chakras? Do you seek a deeper understanding of your own energy and how to enhance your well-being? If so, this class is an excellent starting point for your journey of self-discovery. Whether you believe in energies or not, this class will provide you with a comprehensive foundation in spirituality and chakras, enabling you to form your own informed perspective. You will learn about the chakra system, its significance across various cultures and religions, and how to apply these concepts to your personal growth and healing. If you are hesitant to seek help, this class offers a safe and supportive environment to explore your spirituality and connect with your inner self. Through the guidance of an experienced witch, you will gain a deeper understanding of your own energy patterns and how to utilize them for your well-being. Ultimately, this class is designed for anyone who seeks to expand their understanding of spirituality and harness its power to enhance their personal growth and overall well-being.
    8. Why learn from Wiccan Witchcraft Singapore? Unlike conventional healing sessions, meditation courses, or workshops, we prioritize empowering you with knowledge before you embark on your spiritual path. As the first in Singapore to offer comprehensive theory lessons on World Chakras, we believe that spirituality is an intensely personal and explorative experience. We aim to equip you with an informed and unbiased perspective on chakras, allowing you to make independent decisions about your spiritual journey. Avoid the pitfalls of uninformed exploration and embrace the power of knowledge. Equip yourself with a solid understanding of chakras before fully committing to any spiritual practice. Our in-depth theoretical approach will provide you with the foundation you need to make informed choices and navigate your spiritual path with confidence.
    9. Will there be a Test or Exam for this class? This class is not designed to assess your knowledge or impose any unnecessary pressure. Instead, it aims to provide a supportive and enriching environment where you can explore the world of chakras at your own pace. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion, acknowledging your commitment to personal growth and spiritual exploration.
    10. What is the difference between a Beginner and Intermediate class? The Beginner Chakras class provides a comprehensive overview of chakras, laying the groundwork for a deeper understanding of this intricate system. This foundational knowledge will serve as a springboard for exploring the various modalities and applications of chakras in the Intermediate class.

    For additional inquiries, kindly reach out to Reiann via WhatsApp messaging at 8892 0411. You can acquire the class through our Online Shop, and Reiann will contact you through WhatsApp to coordinate the necessary arrangements for your Warm-Up and Spiritual Consultation dates.