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Witchcraft is a Pagan occult practice that has existed for centuries. Historically documented, Pagans have been tortured and executed under the accusation of worshipping the devil. The persecution of Witches has been going on for centuries, and it's not until recent years that we understood it was a mistake! These people weren't Witches at all they were people who were either mentally challenged, ill, or disabled; people who did not practice Witchcraft!

The notorious Witch Trial (June 1692–May 1693) that most people have heard about took place in Salem, Massachusetts where children as young as 4 years old were accused to be practicing Witchcraft because they exhibited symptoms and behaviors "consistent" with being a Witch (e.g. fits, body contortions and uncontrolled screaming).

The history of Witchcraft is long and complex. With Christianity being the most prominent change that occurred in this regression-heavy process; many still associate themselves as Pagans today despite having converted into other religions. Paganism is heavily influenced by ancient beliefs around nature and magick which gave birth to practices like Witchcraft.

Common Misunderstandings Around Witchcraft

Witchcraft is Evil Black Magick
The idea of separation in black or white in magick is false as witches believe that the true nature in magick is both; good when it is needed and cruel when disaster befalls us. Within Pagan Witchcraft practices, we have religions in Wicca, Celtic/Druidry and Norse/Asatru. All of which do not practice magick to harm others but to protect nature and nuture it's living.

Witches Worship Satan
Witches do not believe in the Devil or Satan because he is a Christian construct outside of their religion. Wiccans believe in Cernunnos--a god with ram horns and stag antlers on his head who is widely worshipped as the “Lord of Wild Animals”. He was also a figure that is commonly misunderstood and accused to be Satan.

Witches make use of Animal Sacrifices
During the olden times, Pagans and other religions Christianity included have made animal sacrifices to appease the dead. This is not something unique to Witchcraft only. Fast forward to modern day, Witches no longer partake in those practices! We have replaced our offerings with bread, milk, honey, and wine.


Note: I will never encourage you to spell to harm others, nor sell you spells that manipulate the choices of people you have a liking or hatred towards. I will not support the use of human or animal blood in rituals either.