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Space Realignment

We all want to be happy, but sometimes we can't find the silver bullet. The search for "the one" moment or cure-all continues... But even if you have your healthiest of mindsets and live in the greatest environment possible--you may still not feel completely at peace with yourself because there is more than just physical healing required. A person needs both mind, body AND soul wellness!

When you're ready to make your space more inviting and balanced, Space Realignment is an excellent way of getting started. This service cleanses the environment by removing unwanted energies that may be weighing down on it or distracting from what's important in life-- namely yourself! The process of Space Realignment ensures your home is cleansed, energetically balanced and free from these tensions. It involves making adjustments to the setup in order for you not have any interference during your healing journey.

Consultation - $165
I'm here to answer all of your questions and concerns! For consultation, a trip down will help me understand what you need. I'll go over the space energetically unless there are other signs indicating otherwise--but don't worry; if something does seem threatening, I will inform you right away so we can take care of it together. It is fairly common to have spirits in the home, but many people don't know how or why they are there. If you've ever experienced an uncomfortable encounter with one of these spiritual beings then please share it so I can help! You may need Cleansing services if your life has been affected by their presence; this doesn’t mean that everything will be alright right away-it just means we're willing take measures to prevent any future problems as much.

Cleaning your space is a great way to get rid of any unwanted items and make it feel more welcoming. If you're not up for the task, we'll respect your privacy! Simply take this as our recommended measure before moving forward with thorough Cleansing procedures though- no pressure whatsoever." To start your Cleansing ritual, it's important that the space you want to cleanse is free of any unwanted items. This will ensure what we're cleaning up doesn't attach itself in places where energies are gathered and favored by negative entities or dark forces which could disrupt our intentions for this process. A quote from my professional experience would be "Cleanliness costs nothing; filth makes everything." Cleansing costs depend on the number of rooms and size of the space! I'll send an estimate after some initial information is gathered.

After you've cleansed your space, it is important to setup a Protection Grid so that the process of cleansing isn't wasted. You need this ritualized and maintained throughout all year so good energies can thrive within your home or business space!

Protection Grid
Blessing Candles will be used to help protect the space after a cleansing ritual. If you have an altar dedicated to your Gods and Goddesses, make offerings or pray for their assistance instead-the Consultation is there so I can understand what type of protection would best suit your needs! Even though the protection of your home is a priority, it's always best to have an idea about what you need before hand. I will help with this and send over some quotes for all different types!

Crystals Reorganization
Crystals can be a great way to bring balance and energy into your home. I would love the opportunity take care of them for you, so that they're at their best when needed most! If we do this together-you get an in depth consultation on how these beautiful pieces can benefit you while also receiving quotes if there are any further reorganizations necessary or wanted. :)

Together, we'll go through your crystals to see which ones you should use and those that would be better left in a box. You'll learn about how much this process costs so there's no surprises when it comes time for payment! You'll be able to choose the perfect placement for your crystals, and I will help you identify which ones are best suited depending on what it is that they're going into. We can also discuss how many of each type should go in there so everything has room enough! I want to make sure you have the best possible experience with your crystals, so we'll go through their properties and identify one that's perfect for what YOU need! You can also count on me giving suggestions about where they might be easiest (and most effective) in any given situation.

When you are ready to bring your life into a new direction, I can help by organizing the crystals for you. But first we should do an assessment on what is going on in your life so that our efforts will be tailored specifically towards progress instead of bringing everything down with this reorganization!

For more information about my Tarot & Chakras Reading, visit Services section, select Tarot & Chakras Reading from the drop down list. I look forward hearing from you!