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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question: Are you able to identify a spirit entity from a manmade object? Could you tell me how it come to possess it and why?

    Answer: Unfortunately, I do not have a service that allows for identifying a spirit entity from a manmade object other than crystals.

    I do have the Angels & Spirit Guides report, that will identify the angels and spirit guides that are close to you. In the collection of identities, you may be able to find a relation to the manmade object.
  2. Question: Also may I ask whether the Protection Spray works similarly to Fiery Wall of Protection Oils?
Not the same dear :)
Firstly, those are oil based... mine is water based and brewed with natural ingredients which means a shorter shelf life.
Secondly, the ones you shared are oils enchanted for protection but i dont know what is the source providing the protection? It will be good to know what blessings you are receiving from so that you know you are working with spiritual entities that you are agreeable to because such spells usually involve entity's help but its good to check with the Witch that made these since its their spell. 😉
Mine has 2 main functions, cleansing and charging. Cleansing is to invite good energies on its purpose (e.g protection) so it does not require protection from any entity, it basically cleanses the negative energies attached to you so that you may receive protection from your spirit guides.
Charging is for your crystals and stones. As this is made with full moon water, you can use it to cleanse and charge your crystals without having to do anything.
Lastly, mine is also ritual based so what it does is that it keeps your energy up to date with the current moon energies since every month we have different full moon energies and we dont want our energies to be dead or set in past vibrations (old energies) to keep them healthy. 🤗