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Blessing Candle©

(4th Gen) Blessing Candles is here to help you work through your struggles surrounding the seven chakras. Our Blessing Candles are unscented.
  1. It is a personal transformation tool that helps the user to better understand questions they have about themselves or others.
  2. Burntime and Completion of burn - Get to know if your chakra balancing and intention manifestation is successful or not.
  3. Reading the flame - Ask your spirit guides questions relevant to your intention on your bay leaf as your Blessing Candle burns.
  4. Balance chakra - Meditate with the Blessing Candle on the concerns surrounding a specific chakra. Do read our description to learn about the concerns.

Note: All Blessing Candles are made with organic ingredients, making our products vegan and animal cruelty free. There are no essential oils, no artificial coloring or dye agents added. Our Blessing Candles do not come with oils or coloring.

Your Blessing Candle(s) purchase comes with:

x1 Tall Glass Soy Candle, Dried Herbs, Flowers and Fruits, x2 Bay Leaves

Do we need candles in rituals?
Blessing Candles are an important use in rituals as it conjures the element of Fire. With the presence of Fire in magick, it can burn, give life to, destroy or purify. The results from fire magick is almost instantaneous because Fire is a powerful element, commanding energy from the sun.

What to do?

Make sure no wind is present, off your aircon or fan if needed. Yes, I am serious when I say no wind. Put your Blessing Candle in a wide metal tray or plate. The candle needs to burn continuously so keep it in fire safe location like your kitchen. Light the candle. Allow all the ingredients to burn in the fire before burning your bay leaf. Always use a pair of metal thongs when handling the burn of bay leaf. Use flame from Blessing Candle to burn bay leaf. Burnt bay leaf is not added into the Blessing Candle.  Stay fire safe. 

What to write on the bay leaf?

Be specific, detailed and clear with your intentions. If there are people or events involved, write the name(s) and date(s) down. Use black ink and write in capital letters. Indicate what you want to happen and let your spirit guides do the work for you. Be polite and respectful. Do not write your intentions in a demanding tone or manner. End it with the words "Blessed Be".

What is the estimated burntime?

Estimate burntime is not fixed, depending on your intention... Average burntime takes 12hrs, however it could take as little as 1hr to 48hrs too. The longer your burn, the harder your manifestation needs to work on your intention.

Interpretations from the Blessing Candle
After burning your bay leaf, wait for the flame to settle first then ask your question(s) related to your intention and observe the movement and size of the flame.

  1. 🔥 Big Flame - When the flame is big and strong, you have what it takes to ensure a smooth success through the difficulties and obstacles you will meet. 
  2. 🔥 Small Flame - When the flame is small, your intentions may take longer than planned to succeed. Burning more Blessing Candles can help to hasten it.
  3. 🔥 Weak Flame - When the flame is weak, your intentions are not well received by your spirit guides. It could indicate that your intentions are unclear. You may write on a new bay leaf and try again.
  4. 🔥 Dancing Flame - When the flame sways and turn about in all directions, you may meet with more obstacles that will hinder the progress of your intention.
  5. 🔥 Splitting Flame - When the flame splits into two, there could be potential conflict in the situation where opposing views and disagreements are present with the parties involved.
  6. 🔥 Crackling Flame - When the flame makes a crackling sound, your spirit guides are attempting to send a message to you. Communicating with your spirit guides will give you the answer.
  7. 🔥 Self-extinguished Flame - When the flame distinguishes immediately as you began, it may not be the right time to burn. When the flame distinguishes itself midway, the spell is done and there is nothing you can do to ensure a success. A fully burned candle is necessary for success in your intentions.
  8. 🔥 Stubborn Flame - If the flame does not go out no matter how many times you blow onto it, you may be visited with a spirit or magick that is interfering with the spell. This indicates that you need more protection.
  9. 🔥 Relit Flame - If the flame relits itself when it is distinguished, it is an indicator that is not done or may require more Blessing Candles to ensure a smooth success.


When to burn your Blessing Candle?

  1. Night (5PM to 8PM) - If your intentions are to invite opportunities in a business, sale or career.
  2. Midnight (12AM to 11AM) - If your intentions are to remove someone or something.
  3. Sunrise (7AM to 7:30AM) - If your intentions involve a fresh new start in career, home, friendship or relationship.
  4. Day (5AM to 8AM) - If your intentions require hard work in effort, time and money to manifest.
  5. Afternoon (12PM to 5PM) - If your intentions involve recovering from an illness or healing from hurt and discouragement. 
  6. Sunset (7PM to 7:30PM) - If your intentions involving wanting clarity and truth in a situation.


Dear, I am glad you are following my instructions.
Please do not alter it in any way! All the best with your healing!
Yours Sincerely, Reiann Riviera